The roots of terrorism…


Amidst the terrorist attacks in Brussels and several capitals around the world , one might have numerous questions about terrorism ? how is terrorism fueled and why Islamic Jihadi groups never seize to vanish ?  and the Answer is clear to anybody who knows the middle east and its educational, political, and economic policies.

Any Islamic terrorist group that emerged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and any terrorist group that carries out attacks all around the world must be linked somehow to The Islamic Institutions in one of two countries: Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.  Saudi Arabia’s Hardcore Islamic institution has been teaching extremist, violent and discriminating ideologies over the course of more than a century since the establishment of this Sunni Muslim Kingdom, and the discovery of petroleum in this country only was another way of funding this country’s extremist ideologies and spreading this hateful ideology in many more countries.

On the other hand, you have AL-Azhar institution which is one of the biggest Islamic educational institutions in the middle-east and probably one of the most influential, Since it was the birth of many world Famous terrorists and Islamic extremists. These institutions systematically teach hate, discrimination, and violence towards non-Muslims and even towards Moderate Muslims that have different ways of interpretation to Islam and the Quran.

Thus, Terrorist organizations will continue to thrive and end the lives of thousands if not millions of innocent people as long as generations are being injected with Hate and violence inside the Islamic institutions of Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

1-Muslim cleric: “The Islamic State is a byproduct of Al Azhar’s programs”

2-The ideological extremism of Al-Azhar

3-How Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam

4-How Saudi Wahhabism Is the Fountainhead of Islamist Terrorism



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