Blasphemy Laws in the Middle east…


Blasphemy Laws across the middle east especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt have been used for decades to Kill, torture, and imprison Free thinkers, and groups opposed to religious fundamentalism, and obligatory theological indoctrination. In countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt the penalty for criticizing mainstream religions  mainly Islam is Death or imprisonment without any chance to appeal or fight these cases. In Egypt The state religion is Islam, and the foundation of legislation is Sharia, and religious education is mandatory in public and private schools. ( Boyle, Kevin; Juliet Sheen (1997). Freedom of Religion and Belief. Routledge. p. 30.)

It is the role of the united nations to exert pressure on these countries for them to apply, and comply with the united nations’ act of human rights. As these countries are the main source of many terrorist groups and terrorist ideologies.