Trump Vs Saudi Arabia


With Mr Donald Trump elected as the president of the United states, Concerns grew over some of the statements he made about Muslims and Mexicans and in what shape or form it will change the united states, or how it will be put to practice through legislature. Mr Trump clearly stated that he will have a ban in effect on all the Muslims entering the United States until a proper screening process can be put in place to prevent terrorist acts resulting from Muslims entering the country. These remarks led to major concerns amongst Human rights activists, and liberals that it might change the country forever, even though Mr Trump later altered his ban to only those coming from terrorism infested countries. Trump also said will build a wall across the border with Mexico to prevent Illegal immigration, and send back illegal immigrant to their home countries starting with criminals. Concern grew among the Muslim community and people started attacking Mr Trump for such remarks so I thought it would be sort of a reality check to do a little comparison between what Mr trump proposed (which nobody knows If he will really implement) and the laws that Saudi Arabia has in effect against people that are not Muslim (Christians and other faiths).

Saudi Arabia is run by Sharia law interpreted by Wahhabi Islam which means:

  • If you are non-Muslim you are not allowed to practice your religion publicly, and you will be arrested by the morality police.
  • If you do not adhere to the Saudi government’s version of Islam you face jail time and possibly execution.
  • Religious conversion from Islam is forbidden and whoever does faces the death penalty.
  • Naturalization Law in Saudi Arabia requires people to get a certification signed by their local Imam which means no non-Muslims or Muslims who got different views from that of the government can be citizens of the country.
  • It is considered acceptable to discriminate against religions that are polytheistic including Christians and Jews, (EX: in case of injury compensation a Christian, Jew, or Hindu would receive 50% of the compensation a Muslim would receive)
  • There is extreme discrimination against the Shia minority in the country is government positions, higher education, and employment.
  • If you are gay, you face the death penalty.


Going over some of the Laws is Saudi Arabia, it appears that Trump is not match for the religious discrimination, and human rights violations Sponsored and encouraged by the state in Saudi Arabia.



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