The Responsibility Of Muslims: Integrate or Evacuate.


There is always a lot of talk about The integration of Muslims in the west, or europe mainly after the surge of immigration from syria, and other war torn middle eastern countries. The interesting thing is that communities grow among the muslim populations in these areas calling from extreme Islamic ideas, bans on free speech, as well as calling for sharia law and many other demands mainly by the Salafi Wahhabi’s but not spoken against by the average Muslims. It is important to note that most of these Families that came as refugees or immigrants to these countries came mostly from countries ruled by Sharia like Afghanistan, or some parts of Pakistan and, many flew from the war torn Syria including Al-raqqa which is an eastern province controlled by ISIS. Here it is beyond crucial for western leaders to stand up and put together solid legislations to ensure the acceptance of only those who are willing to integrate with the values of the countries the move to or not  at all.

It is important to mention that it is the responsibility of Muslims living in western societies to integrate in the societies they live in; it is not the responsibility of these societies to accommodate them in or make changes to fit their cultural and religious backgrounds.

It is crucial for world leaders to understand that and start adopting a philosophy that will protect the values of the free world from the attack of Islamic radicalism and terrorism, Definitely not Angela Merkel’s approach of unconditioned love.





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