Trump Vs Mohamed


After President Trump’s Executive order, Muslims are fearing different types of consequences when it comes to immigration laws in the United states, but a quick comparison between Trump’s executive order and Mohamed’s statements about Jews and christians in the Arabian Peninsula at his time. A very famous Hadith (Saying by Mohammed) is quoted by many terrorist groups such as AL-Qaeda and ISIS and constitutes the basic attitude towards Jews and christians towards the end of Muhammad’s Era in which he says : “I will Get the Jews and christians out of the Arabian peninsula till there is no one left but Muslims” (Moslem 3313). 

Mohamed who slaughtered hundreds of Jews in his battles in Arabia did not imagine a state where people can integrate and live peacefully together. He envisioned a state where only his followers can be permitted to live and thrive excluding and discriminating against everybody else who is not Muslim especially Jews and christians.

The same acts is carried nowadays  by groups like ISIS referencing the same acts done and statements said by mohamed more than a thousand years ago. It is a Fact that Trump’s actions or statements against Muslims is no match for What Islam teaches about other people throughout the Quran and Sunna (Statements of the prophet).



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