The Modernization of Islam..!!!!

A lot of Debate has been going on with the rise of terrorist attacks in the west about how to “integrate” or develop Islam into western/ Modern societies without offending Muslims living in these communities or targeting them in a way or another. Hamed Abdel Sammad, a german Islamic studies researches from Middle Eastern/Muslim origins explores the Idea of Developing or modernizing Islam as unachievable. 

The Main Texts that present the core of Islamic belief contains texts that fiercely oppose Human rights, women, gays, and even children and poses an ideological threat to modern life as we know it. So his proposed solution to this problem is to perceive Islam as a product of its era and an ideological product of the people that lived in that age, in that specific part of the world, completely taking the holy context out of these books and analyzing them as product of Human beings that had limited knowledge and technological advancement at that time.

Hamed is a researcher that was called for to be killed in many Muslim countries across the Middle East and is based in Germany and the US.


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